Interfolio Dossier for Letter Writers

Letter submission and management with Interfolio Dossier is always FREE.

Interfolio Dossier is the most widely used and trusted service for providing confidential letter of recommendation. Letters you write can be uploaded directly to Interfolio or mailed to our office. Although your recomendees will see when your letter arrives, they will never see the content of confidential letters. 

  • Academics use Dossier to avoid the pain of manually uploading letters into multiple application systems and as a method to keep their recommendation requests organized and secure. 
  • Writers also benefit from Interfolio’s quality assurance: all documents are reviewed for file quality and we ensure the letter has been addressed correctly.
  • Your students and colleagues request letters through Interfolio to help streamline their application process and to have Interfolio deliver their dossiers securely to opportunities they are pursuing.