Sign In to Dossier

Follow the instructions below to sign in to your Interfolio account at

Are you getting this error? "There is already an Interfolio account for this email address. Try signing in instead."

If you see the message above when you enter your email while trying to create an account (by clicking the "Sign Up" button or the "Create Account" link) you probably have an existing Interfolio account you have forgotten about.

In that case, you will need to follow the instructions here.

There are a number of ways to get to the sign in page; from our home page, a search engine etc.

3. Choose which account you want to view (for Faculty Search and RPT users including candidates for review through RPT):

If your institution has added you as a user of Faculty Search or Review, Promotion & Tenure, or if you have been added as a candidate for review at an institution that uses RPT, you will have to choose your personal Dossier account from the screen that displays after you log in.

To choose your Dossier account, click the Dossier tile:

You can also switch accounts from the user menu that appears when you click your name in the upper right corner of every page in the program: