About Delivery Credits

When you sign up for Dossier Deliver you get credit for 50 academic deliveries annually. Each time you send a delivery by email, mail, or confidential letter upload, you use one delivery credit. 1 delivery = 1 credit, regardless of the number of documents included in that delivery. The article below explains more about delivery credits.

Where can I view how many credits I have?

You can view your delivery credits from "Account Settings"

Open the "Subscription & Billing tab

Look to the right for your remaining deliveries.

How do I add more credits?

To add more credits, click "Add More Deliveries"

Select the number of credits you need, and click "Add"

Click "Add" to add your credits, and charge the purchase to the credit card we have on file

By clicking "Add", you agree the credit card listed will be charged for the purchase amount.

Make sure to note the expiration date of the credits.

This purchase is not refundable.

What happens when credits expire?

Make sure to check the expiration date of your credits

Deliveries cannot be used after the expiration date listed on your "Account Settings" page.