What is Dossier?

Since 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of applicants navigate stressful application processes so they can focus on looking their best in front of admissions offices and hiring committees.

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About Interfolio Dossier

Interfolio Dossier is a free online platform for scholars to collect and curate scholarly materials, request and receive confidential letters of recommendation, and prepare for upcoming evaluations. Your Dossier never expires and we will store your documents indefinitely.

Don't rush at the last minute, collect and organize your materials before you need it.

Dossier provides you with one centralized account to collect and manage confidential letters of recommendation and other materials you will need for review, funding opportunities, admission to graduate school, jobs in higher education, and other academic and professional opportunities. 

With your free Dossier account, you can:

  1. Collect: We provide a single, secure location to gather all necessary and confidential academic documents.
  2. Curate: You can create thematic collections of materials for different opportunity types.
  3. Organize: We help you stay on top of deadlines and get organized about your academic career.
  4. Manage Letters of Recommendations: Eliminate hassle for letter writers (and requesters) with a system for soliciting and storing confidential letters for life.
  5. Search For Jobs: You can search our database of opportunities, and expand your search to include results from other job boards.
  6. Apply to Interfolio-hosted positions: Some institutions partner with Interfolio to provide an easy step-by-step application process. Anyone can apply for free to Interfolio-hosted positions, and deliveries to these positions do not count toward your 50 annual deliveries.
  7. Get Full Support: Focus on your application, not delivery details, with access to intelligent customer support for all technical and submission issues.

Dossier Deliver

With Dossier Deliver you can:

  • Create deliveries of your materials and letters of recommendation to send to opportunities/applications
  • Share your materials* and receive feedback from mentors, or trusted individuals

With a paid upgrade to Dossier Deliver, you can use your Interfolio Dossier account to deliver letters of recommendation and other application materials such as your CV, evaluations, and writing samples where you need them to go. 

With an active Dossier Deliver account, you can also use our "Sharing & Feedback" feature to share your Dossier materials* and your collections of materials with anyone regardless of whether that person has an Interfolio account.

*Confidential Letters of Recommendation cannot be shared with the 'Sharing & Feedback" feature.

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Dossier Institution

With Dossier Institution you can:

  • Share your materials* and receive feedback from members within your institution via your Interfolio accounts.
  • Use Guidelines to prepare for upcoming reviews - (If enabled, for Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure)
  • Export your CV/Vita that was created within Faculty180 (If enabled, only for Faculty180 users, if enabled)

Dossier Institution is a version of Dossier available to entire institutions who purchase a Dossier license for users at their institution. Dossier Institution is designed to connect individual Dossier accounts to our product for institutional review, Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure; and also our product for activity tracking, Interfolio Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty180).

With an active Dossier Institution account, you can also share your Dossier materials (with the exception of the letter of recommendation) and your collections of materials with other users at your institution, as long as they have an Interfolio Dossier Institution account.